DART HMP Isle of Wight

Our DART (Drug & Alcohol Recovery Team) based at HMP Isle of Wight provides interventions proven to work to the individuals with substance misuse needs within the prison.

We have a well-established and committed peer support service managed and provided by the DART service at the prison, and great outcomes from the Inclusion Recovery Programme (an intensive substance misuse treatment programme) we provide.

We have provided the psychosocial element of the substance misuse treatment services within HMP IOW (formerly HMP’s Parkhurst, Albany & Camphill) since 2005 when it was known as CARAT (Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice, Throughcare) services and added the pharmacological treatment services element in 2013 when we were successful in our bid to provide fully integrated substance misuse services there.

Since 2005, our team have seen significant changes which have included, but not limited to the clustering of 3 separate prisons, management of change of prison staff under ‘fair and sustainable’ programme and the closure of 1 of the prison sites (HMP Camphill) as well as a change of population from Cat B offenders to Cat B sex offenders.

These changes have been managed effectively and the experienced and trained DART Recovery workers within our team have continued to provide the high-standard effective services the service users within HMP IOW have come to expect throughout these periods of transition.

HMP Isle of Wight was opened April 2009; it was formed by the clustering of three former establishments (HMP Albany, HMP Camp Hill and HMP Parkhurst).

In 1968 what was formally HMP Parkhurst  became one of the first dispersal prisons for maximum security prisoners before it was later designated a category B training prison. In 2010 it integrated its population and now holds vulnerable prisoners/sex offenders and ordinary prisoners in mixed units. It has eight residential units, seven of which are Victorian-style galleried units and the eighth a small former health care unit. There is also a recently refurbished segregation and reintegration unit in a former special secure unit.

What was formally HMP Albany was a category C training prison in the early 1960s, then security was subsequently upgraded, and from 1970 to 1992 Albany was part of the dispersal system. It then changed to its present role as a category B training prison with an integrated population of vulnerable/sex offenders and mainstream prisoners. It has five original residential accommodation units (A to E wings); identical in design and located off one main corridor. A modern unit (F and G wings) opened in May 2003. During 2010 a new health care facility opened, replacing the former unit in Parkhurst.

The DART service work collaboratively with the prison service, and other key stakeholders within the prison to ensure service users are provided with a fully holistic service providing the support and opportunity for individuals to actively address their substance related issues and start or continue to build on their journeys of recovery.


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