• I like working for inclusion as I have been able to be involved in the development of the service and given many opportunities to develop professionally, it really feels like that staff and service users are listened too. As for investing in people there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that investment coming to fruition. There is an old saying “if you find a job you enjoy doing then you never do a day’s work” nothing I do while investing in people ever feels like work more a pleasure.

    - Steve, Team leader, Inclusion Recovery Hampshire

Investment in workforce - staff & volunteers

A well trained and supported workforce – both paid and unpaid is central to the principles of the NHS and the values of Inclusion. The reason for this being that for us to provide an excellent service our staff need to be able to do this. This why we have maintained and extended significant investment in training and development as Inclusion and in addition as MPFT. We have market leading opportunities in this area for staff and volunteers as well as market leading terms and conditions. People tell us they value and enjoy working for Inclusion.

Service Users - working with us

Inclusion understand the value effectively involving service users in all aspects of the design, delivery and review of care can bring. It is a fundamental element of providing and knowing we are providing high quality, effective and current services. At Inclusion our National Service User forum is fundamental to this supported by forums across our services. Feedback is integrated into our care pathways and our new Service User Participation Strategy 2020 steps out our aims to further involve and embed service user influence into Inclusion moving forward into the 2020s.

Our strategy

We’re passionate about the people that make Inclusion.

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