Service User Involvement is at our core, the reason we do what we do

Inclusion are committed to promoting and supporting the involvement of service users at all levels in the delivery and design of treatment. We would like to be more responsive to the needs and wishes of those that use our services, like you, and ensure that your voices are at the centre of our services. We believe this is a critical component within our vision of delivering respectful, inclusive and high-quality recovery-based services.

  • SUI means we deliver a service that is designed from listening to service users’ needs and requirements, it also allows the service user to take ownership of their treatment/service rather than them feeling done too. It allows for co-production with both service user and the service taking responsibility for delivering the best service possible while at the same time being able to hold the service to account.

    - Steve, Team Manager

The development of transparent, meaningful and effective service user involvement will mean that Inclusion will stand out from other services when competing for new contractual opportunities and it can be a beacon for good practice across the drug, alcohol and psychological therapies sectors.

Bringing your skills, life experiences, feedback and ideas to our services, means you are involved in your own care and we work with you to design treatment and support which is right for you.

How does the Service User Involvement Strategy benefit service users like me?

You are involved in your own care...

Meaningful involvement right at the very heart means you are involved in your own care. We work with you to design treatment and support which is right for you.

Opportunity to influence and shape our services...

It gives you the opportunity to influence and shape our service, what we provide and plan for the future, locally and nationally.

A forum for feedback...

It gives you a forum where you can give feedback, this could be things that we haven’t got right, ideas of how to make things better or where we have done well.

Develops open and transparent working relationships...

It helps us develop open and transparent working relationships. We listen to you and truly value your contributions.

Opportunity to share your own knowledge...

It gives you opportunities to get involved and share your own knowledge and experience of what works and what doesn’t.

Supports your journey of recovery...

When service user involvement is working well, it can help to increase and maintain self-esteem and self-confidence and support your progressions through your journey of recovery.

Ensuring our services are inclusive and accommodating...

You have the opportunity to help and support us in ensuring our services are inclusive and accommodating to people from all walks of life.

  • I’m proud to work for an organisation that truly puts service users at the heart of what we do. The service user voice within Inclusion is strong, well respected and influences how we shape our services.

    - Mark, Clinical Lead (SMS)

Involving service users at all levels within Inclusion will help us achieve various objectives:

  • Giving feedback to facilitate quality control of existing services and their improvement as well as driving ideas for innovation
  • Strategies, plans and recruitment decisions have greater validity and ownership by users of the service.
  • Utilising skills and experience of service users to benefit their peers through initiatives such as peer mentoring and volunteering.
  • Providing routes into employment for service users into the organisation to create a more varied, rich, dynamic and representative workforce that enable service user representation to sit naturally at the centre of Inclusion
  • Giving transparency to organisational development and decision making
  • Enhancing Inclusion’s assurity in delivering non-descriminatory practice
  • Highlighting the positive nature of recovery within our treatment population

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