Our strategy

Inclusion are committed to promoting and supporting the involvement of service users at all levels in the delivery and design of treatment.  We believe this is a critical component within Inclusion’s vision of delivering respectful and high quality services and is also key to the delivery of recovery based services. The development of transparent, meaningful and effective service user involvement will mean that Inclusion will stand out from other services when competing for new contractual opportunities and it can be a beacon for good practice across the drug, alcohol and psychological therapies sectors.

Service User Involvement is at our core, the reason we do what we do

Involving service users at all levels within Inclusion will help us achieve various objectives:

  • Giving feedback to facilitate quality control of existing services and their improvement as well as driving ideas for innovation
  • Strategies, plans and recruitment decisions have greater validity and ownership by users of the service.
  • Utilising skills and experience of service users to benefit their peers through initiatives such as peer mentoring and volunteering.
  • Providing routes into employment for service users into the organisation to create a more varied, rich, dynamic and representative workforce that enable service user representation to sit naturally at the centre of Inclusion
  • Giving transparency to organisational development and decision making
  • Enhancing Inclusion’s assurity in delivering non-descriminatory practice
  • Highlighting the positive nature of recovery within our treatment population