Working Together


Inclusion provides services with a wide range of partners. This includes strategic partnerships which enhance our core service offer, and partnerships that improve services provided to individuals. We are always open to new opportunities so please contact us if you would like to discuss an opportunity further. Principles we apply in partnership are:
• Inclusion understands that forming effective partnerships supports positive outcomes for service users. Principles apply that we apply to working in partnership are:
• In every area we work understanding who we can work with to the benefit of the local community.
• Being a humble but an effective addition to a local community, bringing the skills and experience we have to best effect.
• Marketing our services effectively so we minimise the chances of people missing the opportunity for our assistance or to make what we do better.
• Clear joint working protocols and partnership agreements.
• A commitment to working respectfully, openly and transparently with all we work with.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Inclusion please contact Danny Hames on 01785 221662 or


Inclusion provides services on behalf of a broad variety of commissioning organisations including Local Authorities, CCGs, the Ministry of Justice and NHS England. We strive to exceed commissioners’ expectations and to be open and honest in our relationships. Benefits we offer are:

A Unique Offer – Inclusion is part of Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust yet has the freedom to bid for and deliver services well outside of the Trust’s geographical footprint. We are therefore able to offer a unique combination of third-sector style dynamism and flexibility with the re-assurance of sound governance systems and financial stability of a large NHS trust.

Contract Management – Inclusion see the award of contracts as the beginning of an on-going relationship. We are clear about our role as a service provider and are dedicated to that function. Our focus is on understanding commissioning requirements, driving quality improvement in services and ensuring that we go beyond contractual targets. Each of our services is directed by a dedicated contract lead supported by a Senior Management Team and corporate support services.

Innovation – Inclusion has a track record of bringing innovation to service delivery. We encourage staff on the ground to consider new ways of working, we pilot new approaches aimed at improving outcomes for service users.

Providing Added and Social Value

Inclusion view providing services to our client groups as a privilege. We also recognise our responsibility to ensure that the investment made in us by commissioners is effective. Our commitment is that we will strive to maximise the efficient use of resources including staff, and through our success provide savings directly to the commissioner and indirectly to the local economy as well as bringing additional economic, environmental and social benefits outside of any service specification.