• At Inclusion we recognise the importance of ensuring that we utilise all of our resources to be effective across our services and achieve the highest standard of care.

    - David Cupit, Commercial and Information Lead

Information provides us with insights of what we are doing, what we have achieved and overall, how effective we are in meeting the needs of people and communities we provide services for. Therefore, good quality information and analysis sits at the heart of how we model, plan and deliver services, and this information is used in different ways to achieve our vision.

From Service level we utilise the information we collect to review how we are meeting our service users needs, benefiting from not only the use of service line reporting but also powerful Business Analytics to produce targeted dashboards that allow those who work for us to see easily how we are doing, understand current and future demand and identify areas of best practice, solutions to shared problems across our services and also highlight innovation.

This approach has been central to our approach throughout the continued delivery of our Prison and Community services during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to utilise a wide range of information to adapt our services to the challenges and maintain safety during these challenging times.

Our ambition is to be a world leading information provider that uses intelligence to drive further the effectiveness and quality of the care we provide. This includes generating clinical evidence of the effectiveness of the support and treatment we provide, leading to clinical research that informs the wider sector on areas of best practice.