Will they calculate our holidays into hours for us? Yes – all holidays will be calculated and added to ESR.

What will happen with the calculation of annual holidays and entitlement? Holiday and entitlement will continue to be calculated in line with your current terms and conditions.

What if I hit a sickness trigger before transfer? This will be managed by Humankind in line with their normal processes.

Will previous sickness absence count when I transfer over? Yes, this information will be provided by humankind and will count.

Will they honour pre-booked annual leave post April? Yes , any leave which has been agreed and booked will be honoured.


What if I don’t like the role they’ve matched me to? You will transfer over on your existing role and terms and conditions of employment. If there are any changes post transfer unrelated to the transfer then these would be consulted on with you via a formal Management of Change process.

Will we have meetings if the structure changes? Yes a formal process will be undertaken if there are any structure changes which impact roles.

When will we get the forms to say we are working in a different way, post April?  E.g. client consent? On day 1 we will lift and shift the ways of working. Some small processes may need to be changed. Support and training will be available to manage these changes.

What if I’m not here on the 8th or 9th for the Welcome event? Additional ‘mop-up’ sessions have been offered.

When will the one-to-one’s be? One-to-ones will be 19th and 20th February. Everyone will receive an invitation by email.

What if I’m off w/c 19th? If you are unable to attend please decline your invitation and reply letting us know your availability.

Will they look at my job role that is personal to me? You will transfer over in your existing role.

When will we know the times for the welcome event and one-to-one sessions? All times for welcome event have been shared and invitations for one-to-one’s will follow.

What about pensions as this is not mentioned in the measures letter? Further detail will be provided shortly in relation to pensions.

Will we get some support re: pay as the pay date means we will be waiting an extra week than with HK? As part of the Trust’s Financial Wellbeing Charter, we are pleased to offer help for staff to help manage wages. All MPFT staff will have access to the financial wellbeing app ‘Wagestream’. Wagestream gives you access to wages as you earn, lets you track your pay as you work, helps you save straight from your pay and provides access to financial advice. Further information on this can be found at .

What will happen with maternity pay when I transfer over? Your maternity pay would continue as normal in line with your current terms and conditions of employment.

Are expenses for travel the same? If these are contractual then these will remain the same.

Will they pay into my HK pension? Pensions are currently being looked at, we should be able to advise more information once we have more detail from Humankind.

If I need time off for medical appointments, will they be paid? This will remain as your current terms and conditions with Humankind, so if you are paid then you will continue to be paid.

Is there any chance they could make us redundant before transfer? No, there will be no redundancies prior to transfer by MPFT.

Can they change my pay in two years time? Your terms and conditions of employment are protected by TUPE, this includes pay.

Will they take everyone over to MPFT’s terms and conditions? On 1st April you will transfer over on your Humankind T&Cs. Dates will be agreed and discussion had around transferring to NHS AFC T&Cs.

When will they offer harmonising onto MPFT contracts? On 1st April you will transfer over on you Humankind T&Cs. Dates will be agreed and discussion had around transferring to NHS AFC T&Cs.

Will we see their HR policies? All Polices are available on MPFT website.

When will staff given option to assimilate? On 1st April you will transfer over on you Humankind T&Cs. Dates will be agreed and discussion had around transferring to NHS AFC T&Cs.

What If we are not available on 19th and 20th of February? It is important that you attend the one-to-one but those that cannot attend on this dates will be offered another opportunity. You will be sent an invitation by email. If you cannot attend decline the invite but please send a date when you are available.

Will my current smart card work? You will be asked if you have a current Smart card on your 1-1s and if so we will work with recruitment to ensure you can continue to use these.

We are an outreach service will we get paid expenses and what is the rate that? This will remain as you current terms and conditions of employment.

Will the dress code change? No. Clinical staff have clinical standards to adhere to.

Will we be able to access NHS car lease scheme if HK TCs? Staff on non-NHS contracts can apply for a lease car, if you email they can provide the criteria for eligibility.

Will we qualify for NHS Continuous service? There is a form you will need to fill in online and a process to follow.

How will our banding be matched to AfC? We now have JDs from Humankind. In your one-to-ones we will have conversations and discussions with you regarding your roles.

Will we all have a job? At present we are waiting for the full non anonymised ELI information from Humankind and the one-to-ones to fully understand the service.  We have no plans at present to make any changes but as per the measures letter that should have been shared with you there may be the need to conduct a Management of Change process once we have fully understood all the roles, service provision and the population and localities current and future needs and priorities.

What happens with serving notice? Can this question be explained further?


What will happen about prescriptions post April and how will it work with the printers? Humankind will be providing 4 weeks prescriptions post transfer.  Emergency codes and Inclusion prescribers will be available for emergencies post transfer. Printers will be available.

NMP and medical cover has been left exposed. Will there be cover 1st April and will we have access to supervision? We have a Medical Director within Inclusion and he hosts complex case clinics nationally. We are also in the process of securing local medical cover while the current Doctor is off work.  There is access to central NMPs who are available and able to offer support and in addition to this there is a quarterly clinical prescribers meeting for all prescribers within Inclusion.

Is the West Midlands framework funding for detox going to continue? SCC manage the West Midlands framework that CGL provide. Funding is confirmed and will continue next year. No plan to change anything.

Are agreements with pharmacies in place? We are currently in discussion with LPC to have agreements in place for 1st April.

Where will we do inpatient detoxes? All current  arrangements will continue with a view to review.

Who do you use for Needle Exchange? Frontier and Exchange supplies currently.

Will we prescribe Pabrinex? We are waiting of the new alcohol guidelines to be published.

Will we be doing Buvidal ? Not in the first year.


Will we have IT equipment on the first day? Yes. All staff will be provided with the necessary equipment for their role.

What data will be transferred over? We are working closely with Humankind and our patient records provider Illy Systems CarePath to undertake the data transfer. In our discussions we have identified the information required to support a safe and effective transition which includes:

  • Service User NDTMS and additional information (for all active service users at the point of transfer)
  • Details on printed prescriptions and scheduled prescriptions
  • List of prescribers and pharmacies to add to the system ready for go live
  • Events and Case Notes summaries which will be transferred into the transferring service users records on CarePath
  • Additional and relevant information around risk and safe guarding to support the service from go live.

Is IT equipment refurbed? No

Will service users have to give consent to transfer? We are currently working with Humankind and Data Leads to ensure service users are given the option to opt out. We would ask that service users help us to obtain their consent to share their information with us as this greatly aids us in ensuring we are able to communicate with them and minimise any impact on them.

We are already working in Partnership with MPFT in some of our roles and have MPFT laptops. Will the laptops need to be configured and can we keep them? The laptops will not need any updates. Illy Carepath, the patient system we will be using is a URL link. You will be able to continue to use these laptops.

The ICON team have MPFT laptops, will they have them back? No,  you can continue to us the MPFT laptops. The laptops will not need any updates. Illy Carepath, the patient system we will be using is a URL link. You will be able to continue to use these laptops

What is the system they use? Illy CarePath

Will the IPS service have the correct templates on the new system? We are working with Illy to have these in place for 1st April.

Is YP service on the new Patient system? We are working with Illy to have these in place for 1st April

Is there a chance we can be trained on the new system before 1st April? We would like that. We need to have discussions with HK but if not we will ensure you have the training needed after 1st April for you to use the systems effectively and have a team of people to support you in the first few weeks

Will Illy talk to S1 for Prison releases? No


Buildings – what is the plan? Some are not fit for purpose and need renovation? SCC and MPFT are working together to ensure all premises are fit for purpose. Where possible, some additional arrangements are being made to source additional and  or alternative accommodation as appropriate and communication is being made with Service Managers to cascade information to their teams.

Can we continue to use Park House? Yes on a fulltime basis. We may need to negotiate a room near the entrance for Disabled access. There will be a booking system for rooms, group rooms and clinical rooms.

When can we tell clients that we are moving location (Tamworth)? When the building is confirmed as ready communication will go out to clients.

Is the furniture being left? We are waiting for an inventory list from Humankind. We will purchase what is needed.

What about the clinical equipment? We are waiting for an inventory list from Humankind. We will purchase what is needed.

What happens with day 1  and furniture/desks/IT equipment etc.? We are waiting for an inventory list from Humankind. We will purchase what is needed. IT equipment will be provided.

Will we have storage at Park house for prescriptions and laptops? Not currently but we can look at how we do this.

Will the waste collection be set up for 1st April? Yes

Will the new location be ready on day 1? (Tamworth) We are working on the plans and hopeful the building will be ready soon but may not be 1st April.


MPFT don’t have a community based model, only criminal prison based, so what would this look like? MPFT and Inclusion are experienced in providing drug and alcohol services in both community and prisons.

Why is the service moving to MPFT? We feel like someone knows something that they are not telling us.  Have we done something wrong? No, you have done nothing wrong. The reason for the move to MPFT is because of the range of services provided that can benefit our clients that will improve our ability to integrate services.

What is the plan for the first week in terms of client appointments etc? The first week will be a reduced timetable of activities and we ask that you book in emergencies only. This will give you time to complete your induction and training.

What will happen with work emails? All staff will be provided with an MPFT email address.

Will we keep our work mobile numbers as this will be beneficial for our clients? We have made enquiries to see if this is possible.

If they have roles, surely they will be advertised?  I thought they were taking us over? Can this question be clarified please?

When will they share the new structure? MPFT and SCC will be working together in the Section 75 agreement.  The S75 will transition the service as it is currently structured. Work will then be undertaken to consult with staff and partners to future service needs.

Its good that we can link in with MH services within MPFT but are the north staff able to link in with Combined Trust? Discussions with other Trusts have started and progress is being made. We will continue to work with other organisations to develop pathways.

Will we still continue to see service users and receive referrals? Yes continue with the referral process you have currently until 1st April. We have requested that the first week of April contact is reduced to priority and emergencies.

Complex care housing is part of our system will this continue? Yes the agreement will continue With Humankind Housing and the service will continue to support this model by way of the Complex Care team.

I work in Criminal Justice how will we receive referrals? Email addresses will be sent out to all as soon as possible and a specific CJ referral will set up and shared.

Will the Fibro-scanners stay? This equipment was funded by the ICB and remains the property of the Health Service.

How will it work with timescales of comp assessment etc. and are we expected to continue this from 1st April? We are still in discussions as a partnership regarding how we will work from 1st April. We are wanting to ‘lift and shift’ but as we are using a new patient system some slight changes will be needed.  All staff will receive training.

Will the Bank Holiday cause any issues? We don’t anticipate any issues other than the normal dropping off scripts. We do have measures in place for this.

What phone number can we give out to service users? We are scoping the possibility of keeping the same service telephone numbers and mobile numbers.

Will training be provided? Yes. MPFT and Inclusion have a wide range of training available.

Is there going to be a review period for the section 75 agreement? Yes, the section 75 agreement will be reviewed in line with what is agreed between Staffordshire County Council and MPFT.

Can we have tablets for YP service? It’s not something we have currently but we could look at putting in a business case if needed.

Will we keep the T3 name? We will look to see how we can do this

How will policies and procedures be shared so we know to work in the MPFT way? SOPs will be shared with all staff and there will be a team around you to offer you support in the first few weeks.

Team jobs fairs are planned early April will we have access to marketing materials? Email over what’s needed

In the presentation you talked about alignment what does that mean? We are already speaking to colleagues in MH services to identify opportunities for better joint working.  Designing pathways for the benefit of those that use our services with aligned services will be a priority.

Will this include YP? Yes there is a commitment from MPFT to grow and learn, remove blockages and get teams talking.

What is the service going to be called ? This is to be confirmed. We intend to make the transition as easy for customers and other stakeholders as possible.

Will we still be 9-5,  5 days a week? On day one we will ‘lift and shift’.  As we progress its something we may need to look at to what’s best for service provision.

Is there anything in place that will automatically forward any emails that are sent to our Humankind email address to our new email address after the 31st March? Whilst we may try to inform everyone prior to the transfer, there may be some that get missed. Humankind will be putting an Out of Office on all staff and general emails.

Cost of living rises are generally given in April, but due to the transfer we will not be included in the cost of living rise given by Humankind, will we receive this from MPFT? We have been advised that we will not be worse off as a result of the transfer, however not having a cost of living rise will be putting us at a disadvantage and impact us from day one? We are waiting for HumanKind to share all contractual policies with us at present.  If there is a contractual policy in relation to cost of living increases these will be applied.

Do MPFT accommodate part time and flexible working? Yes, the Trust is committed to considering flexible and supportive family friendly practices and arrangements which enable staff to balance their work and careers with the demands of a family and/or other commitments and responsibilities more effectively, leading to greater individual and business performance, increased levels of engagement and commitment from workers at all levels. The agreement can be temporary or permanent and can be reviewed at intervals to ensure that they are working for both parties. Good flexible working arrangements should balance the needs of the individual with three key organisational factors; patient/service user and staff experience, service delivery and work-life balance of colleagues.