I believe that all staff working within Inclusion are responsible for showing Leadership. It is not about job titles or roles but about the ability to inspire people to try new things, push themselves and others to make a positive difference and embrace change. True leaders encourage others to develop and take risks within a safe and supportive environment with the ultimate aim of allowing those around them to develop their own skills abilities.

Leaders are able to see new opportunities, develop the plan to get there and find a way of taking other people with them. Leaders listen to others, take account of their views and find ways of accommodating people who are reluctant to change. Leaders are not afraid of making the tough decisions but prefer to find ways of getting agreement rather than relying on direction and control. Leaders are not afraid to use their own initiative and make decisions or to challenge others in a respectful way if they feel they are right.

Within Inclusion we encourage a culture of leadership that helps to continue to drive us forward in the work that we do.

These skills and abilities are important when working with partners agencies, service users, colleagues and commissioners. Leadership encourages a collective sense of where we are going and shared and understood aims.


Head of Inclusion