Inclusion Recovery Hampshire

Inclusion Recovery Hampshire is part of the Hampshire drug and alcohol treatment and recovery service commissioned by Hampshire County Council.  The Hampshire drug and alcohol service is a partnership which is led by Inclusion with partners providing the different elements of the service.

  • The 25 and over service is Inclusion Recovery Hampshire which can be contacted on 0300 124 0103 and following the instructions according to which hub you wish to speak to.
  • The 24 and under service is known as Hampshire 24/7 and is provided by Catch 22 – they can be contacted on 0845 459 9405
  • If you are a family member or are affected by someone else’s use you will contact Parent Support Link who will be providing the integrated family and carer support service and have a 24 hour telephone line on 023 8039 9764

IRH delivers integrated, recovery-focussed provision tailored to fit the needs of individuals within Hampshire


There are 3 clear, defined cultures and behaviours at the centre of our IRH services, namely;

  • Individuals who use our services are at the centre of everything we do; we work with individuals and promote that recovery is possible, everyone can recover and that every Service User has the right to achieve their individual recovery.
  • We value our staff; we ensure that staff are experienced, knowledgable, and as a result we have passionate and dedicated staff that strive to achieve recovery outcomes with our service users.
  • Partnerships are important to us; we proactively work with partnership agencies and key stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes for our service users, and are fully committed to doing so.

We have 9 main hubs across Hampshire with several satellite services and 2 outreach vehicles to ensure we really do have easy access into our service removing barriers wherever possible.

There are lots of ways to access IRH and visiting can explain these in more detail and has online referral form you can complete easily, alternatively you can contact 0300 124 0103 , if out of core hours we have an out of hours number on 0300 330 2001.