What we’ve achieved

Inclusion employ a broad spectrum of roles to ensure we deliver high quality, evidence-based pharmacological, psychosocial interventions and recovery support across a range of services and locations.  By promoting a clear vision and sharing key values we are able to achieve positive outcomes which include;

Our Drug Services have a successful completion rate significantly above national average

  • On average, at any one time we’re helping over 8000 service users in their journey to recovery.
  • Inclusion staff hold over 100,000 face to face sessions a year with our service users.
  • Two Thirds of service users within our community services have been in treatment for less than 2 years, with three quarters having been in treatment for less than three years, showing our commitment to recovery and rehabilitation rather than maintenance.
  • Over 10,000 people completed IAPT’s Talking Therapies. For 1,400 of them, this meant they could transition off sick pay and benefits.
  • 51% of service users who come into our Alcohol Services successfully complete treatment.
Our Take Home” Naloxone Project has saved over 100 Lives, trained over 1900 people and saved the health authority over £300,000