IRIS – Sandwell

Inclusion, in partnership with Cranstoun, a leading third sector substance misuse charity, launched a new service IRiS Sandwell (Integrating Recovery in Services) in early 2014.

This innovative partnership seeks to improve outcomes for the service users and families through it’s recovery focussed model.

IRiS Sandwell Provides:

  • Consistent and accessible delivery across all of Sandwell
  • Targeted provision to hotspots and areas of need (detailed below)
  • Appropriate location of main sites matching need (detailed below)


IRiS Aims

  • To increase penetration rates
  • Provide Family & Carer support
  • Improve throughput & Recovery
  • Increase prevention
  • Ensure safety & proactive management of Children, Vulnerable Adults and Dual Diagnosis clients
  • Improve emotional wellbeing, mental and physical health of clients
  • Reduce Crime & Disorder
  • Achieve & maintain Independent Living

Moving through the Service Model

  • Prioritise & ensure rapid response and appropriate fast-tracking for clients
  • Deploy skills & expertise where needed
  • Interventions targeted based on evidence
  • Use Star outcome-monitoring to maximise keyworking


LASAR Service Model

  • IRiS LASARs go and get people, assess needs and risk and start engagement
  • There are a range of routes in to the service with equal access from all geographical areas
  • All cases have access to evidence-based interventions
  • All cases have Recovery Planning at the earliest appropriate opportunity
  • Peer Recovery Champions & Mutual Aid throughout


Clinical Service Model

  • We provide rapid access to prescribing through Nurse Prescribers and GPs
  • We increase in-home detox numbers
  • Treatment combines Clinical & psychosocial elements
  • We provide support to GPs to expand shared care
  • We offer dedicated alcohol interventions
  • We offer General health screenings and support
  • We focus on Prevention through mechanisms such as vaccinations, smoking cessation


The Recovery Service provides:

  • Team of Enablers & PSI Specialists
  • A range of Group Work Programs
  • Peer Led Interventions
  • An Active Service User Forum
  • Workshops & short courses to Build Assets
  • Access to Housing & Tenancy Support


Service-User Experience will:

  • Be High Profile (through Active Marketing)
  • Be Accessible & Equitable (Geography, Diversity, Welcome)
  • Be easy to access through a range of routes in: Phone, Paper, Electronic, Self, Family or Peer Assisted
  • Ensure that a person that understands their situation and is of immediate help
  • Set expectations that include developing your assets and skills
  • Ensure that immediate needs are dealt with quickly
  • Be an ambitious, progressive and caring process
  • Some things you never thought of before

For more information please visit the IRiS Sandwell web site.



  • Drug & Alcohol Services
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