Inclusion Havant

Do you want help or support around your own or someone else’s drug or alcohol use?

If you think you’re drinking a little too much, or have started to think that alcohol is having a negative impact on your life, then we can help! If you are using any type of drug, from cannabis, heroin, cocaine, NPS (legal-high’s) to steroids and other performance and image enhancing drugs and any others then we can help.

Hello, and welcome to Inclusion Recovery Havant, an integrated, recovery-focussed service for those who are using or have been affected by drug or alcohol use.

We believe that working together we can help you achieve goals that are important to you!

Inclusion Recovery Havant covers the Hayling Island, Waterlooville, Petersfield and Borden areas. We provide Satellite services in Waterlooville, Petersfield/Liss & Borden and other nearby areas.

We have a mutli-disciplinary team. This means our recovery team is made up of recovery workers, nurses, volunteers, recovery mentor’s, GP’s, and administrators. Our team is committed to helping you, supporting you and empowering you to fulfil your potential.

Inclusion Recovery Hampshire started working across Hampshire in July 2015. We are successful in helping more people achieve recovery than the national average!

Inclusion Recovery Havant provides assessment and recovery planning for individuals alongside support into voluntary programmes and employment skill training. We have something to suit everyone here at Havant, whether it’s a brief intervention you want, just some advice and tips or more intensive or structured support.

If you need support for drugs or alcohol there are lots of things we can do together (download a timetable), the following list is not exhaustive;

  • Harm reduction services: naloxone, needle exchange, safer injecting advice, sexual health services, blood-borne virus (BBV) testing & vaccination
  • On-site hepatology outreach clinics (which means people can access full hepatitis c treatment within our hub)
  • Outreach services including home visits
  • Brief interventions and advice for those not seeking structured treatment
  • Self-help resources and online support
  • Supportive, clinical treatment prescribing programmes (for opiates and alcohol) for detox and relapse prevention
  • Referral into inpatient detoxification or stabilisation and residential rehabilitation
  • Psycho-social one-to-one and group work interventions (check timetable or ask in the hub)
  • Individualised treatment care plans for all illicit drugs and alcohol including new psychoactive substances (formerly known as legal highs)
  • Evidenced-based therapeutic interventions
  • Support and treatment for prescription-only medication drugs (POM) and over-the-counter drugs (OTC) such as co-codamol and tramadol
  • Complementary therapies
  • Group activities
  • Health promotion including sexual health advice and contraception
  • Intensive aftercare support packages
  • Comprehensive recovery service and activities
    • Diversionary activities
    • Volunteering programme
    • Online recovery resources
    • Recovery mentor support (recovery coaching)
    • Mutual aid
    • Weekend and evening recovery events
  • Counselling services

We know that we are able to help you, we have experienced and committed staff to fully support you along your own individual recovery journey, take that step and either give us a call, or drop by and see for yourself!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Meet the Havant team!

  • Drug & Alcohol Services
The Orion Centre
Dunsbury Way
Leigh Park
Phone Number
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