Building Communities

All Inclusion services aim to meet the needs of the community it is asked to provide services for. Therefore, wherever we work we look to create communities of recovery and change that support the wellbeing of individuals and communities. This involves the prominent involvement of service users and volunteers in our services but also through developing and supporting new and innovative solutions to need and problems.

Working collaboratively to help promote and achieve sustained recovery for our service users is key to the success and effectiveness of our services

Liverpool IAPT has forged strong links with the Citizens advice Bureau which has had significant impact on the number  of service users transitioning away from benefits, and forging more successful and fulfilling futures.

Since the start of the service in 2012, Inclusion Cambridgeshire has built strong and effective links with ETE and employment opportunities to help support our service users to continue on their positive journeys in recovery.

Inclusion Birmingham created and continue to work an allotment project, which has proved incredibly successful in  adding value and skills to those who use it.

Inclusion Recovering Families Programme has received positive feedback and provides powerful insight for service users into the effects of substance use on families and loved ones from their own and/or other families’ perspectives.